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Vma dome

Enjoy shopping and live-streaming with your friends while controlling your avatar in the Metaverse!

Voice calls are possible in booths with shopping functions. If you see a shopkeeper, call out to them and ask for their recommendations!

Items purchased at the Vma dome will be delivered to your registered address.

Text chats are instantly translated, so transcend language barriers and connect with the world!

<Challenged Women's Area>

A metaverse space where girls who challenge themselves shine, supporting women's independence, social advancement, parenting, single support, sports, etc.

<Vma + shopping Area>

Shopping in Metaverse! Products that can actually be bought are lined up.

<Kawane Honcho, direct delivery from the countryside>

The first Vma+ Country road in the regional development x Metaverse.

Kawane Honcho, Shizuoka Prefecture

Products using local specialities and local ingredients, including Kawane tea and yuzu (citron), experiences that make the most of the natural features of the Southern Alps, and goods using deer, butterflies and birds are planned for sale. *Products for sale are subject to change.

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