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Web3 Online Salon SAMURAI DOJO

At "SAMURAI Dojo," we aim to provide a platform for acquiring the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive as a "SAMURAI" in this Web3 era. Our focus is on fostering deep learning and meaningful interactions.

1. Offering Cutting-Edge Topics Specialized in Metaverse and Web3

At "SAMURAI Dojo," we primarily delve into topics related to "Metaverse" and "Web3." Covering business strategies, future outlooks, monetization, and the latest technological trends, we not only incorporate user requests but also draw from the expertise of Vma plus Corporation, which is actively involved in planning, directing, and developing projects related to Metaverse and Web3. We strive to deliver the industry's latest topics in an easily understandable manner.

2. Dialogues with Members

"SAMURAI Dojo" doesn't limit itself to one-way information dissemination. We conduct interactive talk sessions with users who participate in the dojo. Users have the opportunity to directly pose questions and gain insights and knowledge that can contribute to the formation of ideas for projects and products.

3. Promoting Collaboration Between Companies and Users

At "SAMURAI Dojo," we encourage interaction among peers who share a similar interest. Whether it's fostering collaboration between users and companies, sharing ideas, or generating business opportunities, "SAMURAI Dojo" acts as a hub for building an expansive network.

4. Exclusive Archive Content Access

"SAMURAI Dojo" offers distribution of archives, including past webinars and presentations. By providing exclusive content to participants of "SAMURAI Dojo," individuals can deepen their learning at their own pace while accommodating their schedules.

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