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Meta World Festival 2023 Winter

Bringing the Charm of Japan to the World through the Metaverse! Using the browser-based metaverse 'Vma plus Station' as a gateway, we will showcase Japan's unique culture in food, nature, history, and more, varying from region to region. This event aims to break down the barriers between the real and digital worlds, creating a space for participants to interact and open new doors for cultural exchange.

At 'Meta World Fest 2023 Winter', 3D booths with e-commerce functions will appear in the metaverse space, allowing participants to learn about the diverse cultures and industries of different regions. Not only shopping in this virtual space, but we also plan numerous contents that enable communication through avatars, transcending national and cultural boundaries, and connecting people around the world.

Stay tuned for more event plans! We eagerly await your visit on December 12th.


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