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Meta Marche 2023

"Meta Marche 2023" is a festival set in the Metaverse, orchestrated by students from the Faculty of Information technology and Social Sciences at Osaka University of Economics. Our sales event presents a range of handpicked products spanning the length of Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. These include globally acclaimed cheeses, exceptional craft beers from Noto, Sendai's renowned beef tongue, as well as sweets and snacks that have seen student involvement in their creation.

Besides the sales, the event caters to a broad demographic, from high schoolers to adults, offering free entry to prize-laden quizzes, live broadcasts of the school festival, student-created videos and introducing university life, seminar classes etc.

This initiative is a development from the "Kusunoki Aisle Marché," a project begun in 2021 to sell handmade products from welfare facilities. Now, we're looking to expand this initiative into the Metaverse as a new economic zone.Transcending spatial boundaries with the aid of the Metaverse, our global and local marché presents a diverse product selection that superbly overturn traditional perceptions of welfare facilities. Harnessing the power of Metaverse, we bring high-quality, distinctive products to your fingertips, reshaping the norm and offering a unique shopping experience that transcends conventional limits.

The project took off with an inquiry into how we, as students studying economics and business, could assist welfare facilities in overcoming their challenges, such as the expansion of sales channels and enhancement of product appeal. This year, thanks to the participation of numerous students beyond traditional seminar boundaries, the project has been reborn, serving as a hub for innovative pursuits within the burgeoning stage of the Metaverse.

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